Purchasing email addresses has recently been based by most providers on a Cost Per Thousand (cost per mille, CPM) model.

For consumer email addresses, the cost per thousand email addresses (often referred to as cost per mille or CPM) typically ranges from about $150-$350.   That works out to $.15-$.35 per email address.   Most customers rent anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 names, bringing the total cost to $450-$1,750.

We feel here at million-emails that these prices are very high, too high to give marketers much reward when their expected response rate might be about .2 per cent of the emails sent! 

Our emails have been obtained from available emails from Facebook, Ebay, etc.     We have cleaned our email lists from Facebook and Ebay emails recently, these should currently be quite correct, no duplicates or spam emails, all emails checked to be OK.

We will sell you 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 or even ONE MILLION of these emails on this site.  Once you pay, I will see that you have done so in my email, and I will send to your own email the file that you purchased.  The ONE MILLION emails file is somewhat less than one million, turned out to be 985,441 after full cleaning was done, but is very close to a MILLION.

Our prices are FAR LOWER than the usual CPM email prices you see online, we will sell you 1 million emails for $2500, which comes to 1/4 of a cent per email.

There is also an important Internet law called the CAN SPAM law, which prescribes that anybody doing mass email needs to offer an "UNSUBSCRIBE" link in their email whenever they send an unsolicited email offer.    The fine for ignoring this law is LARGE, we recommend that ALL marketers comply fully with the CAN SPAM law,    A link to the CAN SPAM law details is included below under CAN SPAM Law., and an unsubscribe link is available below.   

It is our intent to provide our buyers with large numbers of email addresses, 1,000, 10,000, 50,000, 100,000 even One Million, at a very reasonable price to the internet marketer.   One you buy the emails, I will receive an email that you had done so, and what your email address is, at that point I will immediately send you the emails file that you purchased.   The received emails will be in CSV format, showing email, and for Facebook emails the Facebook user link.

Payment is taken either via Paypal or by a credit card payment gateway, you may checkout via the usual Checkout Cart mechanism via this website.   Paypal is usually preferred.    

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